Bitcoin Option Selling Levels: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Expiry

Welcome to our Bitcoin Option Selling Levels blog! Here, we provide you with crucial levels for selling options in Bitcoin for daily, weekly, and monthly expiries with an impressive 84% accuracy. This means that roughly 6 out of 7 times, our levels will be spot-on, helping you make informed trading decisions.

How to Use Our Levels

Our levels are designed to maximize your trading profits by providing clear guidance on where to sell put and call options:

  1. Sell Put Options Below the Lower Level (Support): When the Bitcoin price is below our indicated lower level, it’s an ideal time to sell put options. This strategy leverages the likelihood that the price won’t drop significantly further, allowing you to profit from the premium received. Selling put options below the support level means you are anticipating that the market will not fall much more and the options will expire worthless, keeping the premium you received.

  2. Sell Call Options Above the Higher Level (Resistance): Conversely, when the Bitcoin price is above our indicated higher level, it’s the perfect opportunity to sell call options. This approach capitalizes on the probability that the price won’t rise substantially higher, enabling you to keep the premium. By selling call options above the resistance level, you are expecting the price to not rise significantly, and thus the options will expire worthless, again allowing you to keep the premium.

Expiry Levels Provided

We offer levels for different expiry periods to suit your trading strategy:

  • Daily Expiry Levels: For traders looking to make quick, short-term trades.
  • Weekly Expiry Levels: For those who prefer a slightly longer timeframe to capture market trends.
  • Monthly Expiry Levels: Ideal for traders who are comfortable holding positions for a longer period to maximize potential gains.

Our Track Record and Score Keeper

To ensure transparency and build trust, we maintain a scorekeeper on our blog that tracks the accuracy of our levels. This scorekeeper is updated regularly, showing you how many of our suggested levels were correct. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Check the Score: Our scorekeeper displays the number of correct levels out of the total provided, along with the percentage accuracy. This provides a quick and clear view of our performance.
  • Stay Updated: With real-time updates, you can always rely on the latest data for your trading decisions. We frequently update the levels based on the latest market conditions to ensure you have the most accurate information.
  • Evaluate Performance: Review past performance to gauge the reliability of our levels over time. This historical data can help you understand how our levels have performed in various market conditions.

Current Score: 84% Accuracy

  • Correct Levels: [Number of Correct Levels]
  • Total Levels Provided: [Total Number of Levels]
  • Accuracy: [Accuracy Percentage]

Our scorekeeper ensures you have full visibility into our track record, reinforcing the reliability of our guidance.

Why Trust Our Levels?

  • Proven Accuracy: With an 84% success rate, our levels are among the most reliable in the market. This high accuracy rate means you can trust our levels to guide your trading decisions.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay ahead of the market with our timely updates. We monitor the market continuously and update our levels to reflect the latest trends and data.
  • Transparency: Our scorekeeper openly tracks our performance, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence. Transparency is key to building trust, and we are committed to providing you with clear and honest performance data.

Start Trading Smart

By using our Bitcoin option selling levels, you can enhance your trading strategy and increase your profitability. Stay tuned for our latest updates and start making more informed trading decisions today.

Disclaimer: Trading in Bitcoin options involves significant risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Please consider your financial situation and seek independent advice before trading.


Our scorekeeper provides a detailed breakdown of our performance:

DateCorrect LevelsTotal LevelsAccuracy
[Date 1][Correct][Total]84%
[Date 2][Correct][Total]84%
[Date 3][Correct][Total]84%

Stay tuned for regular updates and make your trading decisions with confidence!

20th May Level:

22nd May Update:

Daily for 23rd May expiry

Weekly level will be posted on Friday expiry. Monthly level will be posted on Monthly expiry.