Mastering Bull Call Spreads in Crypto Markets: A Comprehensive Guide

This video explains Bull Call Spreads, along with a live trade in BTC & ETH with PnL of almost $600!

Introduction to Bull Call Spreads

Bull Call Spreads are a strategic option for investors who have a moderately bullish outlook on a particular asset. This strategy involves two steps: buying an at-the-money (ATM) call option while simultaneously selling an out-of-the-money (OTM) call option of the same asset and expiration date. The goal is to benefit from a moderate price increase while minimizing potential losses and costs.

Why Consider Bull Call Spreads for Ethereum?

Ethereum, as a leading cryptocurrency, exhibits volatility and growth potential, making it an attractive candidate for Bull Call Spreads. This strategy can provide Ethereum investors with a way to participate in potential upside movements without the full risk of direct ownership or single call option positions.

Executing a Bull Call Spread on Ethereum

  1. Selecting Strike Prices: Choose an ATM call option to buy and an OTM call option to sell. The difference in strike prices determines the maximum profit and loss.
  2. Calculating Costs and Potential Returns: The net premium paid (the cost of the ATM option minus the premium received for the OTM option) represents your maximum risk. Your maximum gain is capped at the difference between the strike prices minus the net premium paid.

Example: Ethereum Bull Call Spread

  • Scenario: Ethereum is currently trading at $2,000.
  • Action: Buy a 1-month $2,000 call for $100 and sell a 1-month $2,200 call for $40.
  • Outcome: Your net cost (maximum risk) is $60 ($100 - $40). If Ethereum rises above $2,200, your maximum profit is $140 ($200 difference in strikes - $60 net cost).

Payoff Table for Various Ethereum Prices

Ethereum Price at ExpiryPayoff
Below $2,000-$60
Above $2,200$140

This table illustrates that the investor’s loss is limited to the initial net cost if Ethereum’s price doesn’t rise above the bought call’s strike price, and profits are capped once Ethereum surpasses the sold call’s strike price.


Bull Call Spreads offer a balanced approach to navigating the crypto markets, particularly for moderately bullish investors. By carefully selecting strike prices and managing costs, investors can position themselves to capture growth while mitigating risk.